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About Us

What is Dana's Daily Dish?

Dana’s Daily Dish is a food service since 2018 in Farmington, MO, that provides a variety of homecooked meals prepared for you to pick up and bring to your family to enjoy without the work or clean up.

Dana’s Daily Dish is a tribute to Dana Heinritz.

Who Is Dana?

“Never throw away the newspaper,” as Dana Heinritz, who entered eternal life on Friday, May 5, 2017, at Meridian Village, Glen Carbon, Ill., would say. “You have to cut out the word jumble, the bridge game, and any article a family member needs to read. Don’t worry about the crossword puzzle; it’s too boring.”

Her surviving family, sister-in-law, Bonnie Stout, nieces, and nephew Llyle Morgan, Dana Johns (Frank), Kendall Stout (Mari), Andrea Mercer, and stepdaughter-in-law, Linda Heinritz were blessed to learn many valuable lessons from Dana’s 96 years. Always use a letter opener; you don’t want any jagged edges, you might want to use the envelope as a notepad. Go to church- as church treasurer, if you’re not going to church, cancel your membership, it costs the church money. Give to charity but only in December.

Encourage everyone you meet to share their life story; it will be interesting (well, most of them), and you may learn someplace new to travel. Roll up the newspaper tightly from the bottom up you can get more in the recycle bin. Balance your budget every month, and don’t spend anything that’s not budgeted. Invest wisely; you may need it when you are 70. Iron your sheets, you’ll sleep better. Lend a hand whenever you can. It brings joy to them and you.

Dana was born on a beautiful spring day at home in a small coal town in Illinois with the help of a neighbor and a local doctor. She was the firstborn, and her smile brought sunshine to her parents. Later, she was joined by sisters Alice, Rosemary, and brother Gaylord.

macaroni and cheese with bacon, side salad, and bread sticks on a plate
strawberry short cake topped with strawberries

Growing up, they played with the Nevinger kids and visited with the Friedenberger’s. K.M., her Dad, had a delivery business, and it was a thrill to ride in the truck as they delivered milk, furniture, or newspapers to St. Louis, Mo. Dana always had an interest in numbers, and after high school graduation, Dana worked until she saved enough money to go to business school.

They moved to Collinsville, Ill., where K.M. bought Vandalia Bus Lines, and Dana and her Mom, Ruth, were the bookkeepers. After long hours of work, including weekends, Dana enjoyed playing bridge. She had a few jobs in her lifetime but enjoyed AVSCOM (United States Army Aviation Systems Command), where she was supervisor of the division that bought Army helicopter parts.

Detail-oriented, the parts ordered better be correct, or they were sent back. Being one of few professional women of the day, Dana joined the Business and Professional Women’s Club and held every office but did not want the President’s position. Along the way, she met Robert G. Heinritz Sr. He loved hunting, traveling, collecting, and restoring antique motorcycles.

Opposites attracted, they married and spent the rest of their time together living the dream of motorcycling and traveling. Never one to stop working, after Dana retired from AVSCOM, she became a Tax Preparer and part-owner of Teacher’s Tax Service. In her 80’s, she decided it was time to slow down a little and retired from doing taxes.